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This savage is mysterious, hot & sexy!!!

Temperance is a great COO and has amazing people skills but one meeting with this man turns her world upside down!! He is someone who's mysterious but can get down and dirty when he wants!!! One night with her makes him wonder what she has that the other women don't!!! This book is laced with so much hot sex!!! It's intense, funny, sexy, but you have to read it for yourself!! You should read the Mount trilogy before you read this one! Meghan March really outdid herself with this series!!! 

What can you do when you read a book

that thoroughly captivates you from page one! Usually it takes me quite a few pages before a book really hits me. This one started on page one. By the time my kindle was at 32%, I really wanted to hurt someone. There is so much emotion and love that you feel throughout this book!  Don't get me wrong you want to hate a couple characters as well. Brittainy C.Cherry has written some

of my favorite books (Loving Mr. Daniels)but in this book she consumes you with words of beauty.

 "It Ends Here"  by M.Robinson

If you haven't met him in her previous book his name is Creed!! He's the bad boy you want to hate. Her name is Mia and she's the good girl from the right side of the tracks!!! They were never supposed to meet but they did. One day  she also meets his brother Noah!!! What happens between Mia, Noah and Creed is explosive, hot, sexy, sinful, and downright messed up!! But don't take it from me, read the book and find out!! I suggest you read the first part "The Road to Nowhere". That's if you want to get the whole story. If you enjoy this book, you'll definitely love all her books!! I definitely recommend you read "The Good Ole Boys" series if you want to get to know her characters well!! If you end up loving these characters. There's always the VIP series which was her first and then there's El Diablo and Keeping Her Wet!!! That basically rounds off everyone in her books!!! Just saying that is!!